The MessagePad was a groundbreaking personal digital assistant, PDA, developed by Apple Inc. . The original MessagePad, the HT1000/OMP, was released in 1993, followed by the MP100, MP110 and MP120 in the following years.

In 1996, the operating sytem of the MessagePad, Newton Platform/NewtonOS, was greatly improved, and the MP130 was released, followed by the MP2000, the eMate 300, and later the MP2100.

The MessagePad was dicontinued on February 27, 1998, but a pretty big community still support the platform with a comprehensive Archive, FAQs, a Mailing List, and even a feature length movie (IMDB)!

The scope of this website is limited to the MP2x00 series, the eMate, and subsequently to NewtonOS 2.0 and 2.1.

Here is some information about the original MassagePads, and their emulator, Leibnitz.

The MP2x00 image was originally uploaded by Ralf Pfeifer to German Wikipedia, 03.06.2005, Lizenz: GNU-FDL

Emulators, Developers, and Geeks

This site contains:

  • the online manual for the FLTK based version of the MP2x00 emulator "Einstein"
  • Einstein releated downloads for all supported platforms
  • information about developing new apps including a tutorial
  • a wild collection of super geeky NewtonOS intenals


     - Matthias